10,000 Steps a Day? Here’s the Latest Research

We’ve all heard that we should be taking 10,000 steps a day, and some studies have corroborated that this step count might improve heart and mental health. But that number in particular may be somewhat arbitrary. New research from Harvard is showing a different number. Still, there’s more to fitness than steps.

The Latest Research

According to Harvard, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,400 steps a day appears to be enough to significantly lower the risk of death for women. That’s in comparison to walking 2,700 daily steps. And the benefits of exercise, as we know, are cumulative. The more steps we take, the lower the risk. But that seems to top out around 7,500 steps a day, with no additional benefits seen with more walking. Research from the University of Texas shows that walking fewer than 5,000 reduces your body’s ability to metabolize fat the next day.

The US has become as largely sedentary society, and research has shown its negative effects. People who sit for eight hours or longer every day increase their risk of death by 59% compared to those who sit four hours per day. Adding an hour a day of moderate physical activity can eliminate this increased risk. But while any exercise is better than no exercise, walking alone doesn’t offer the benefits of resistance training. Adding in just a few sessions a week of functional training has truly staggering health benefits.

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