Yes, Seniors Should Have Personal Trainers

Everyone understands the value of physical fitness, but over 31 million Americans past the age of 50 qualify as inactive, which means they move just enough to satisfy basic daily tasks. That number is only expected to increase, but there is a solution. Regular, scheduled exercise has a huge impact on your health and independence. Still, for seniors who have never pursued fitness in any meaningful way, that may seem too difficult to pursue. And that’s where personal trainers for seniors come in.

Finding the Right Trainer for Seniors

Not all personal trainers share the same training and experience. And since your success hinges on a knowledgeable and certified trainer, it’s important to find a trainer who knows what he or she is doing.

  • Ask about their experience and credentials. Some trainers earned their personal trainer certification over a weekend course, or in just a few months. To best accommodate the special health considerations many seniors have, make sure anyone you’re considering has formal education in this field.
  • Ask about their specific experience with seniors. Just because someone is a certified personal trainer doesn’t make them qualified to work with seniors. Look for someone who has direct experience and success with seniors.
  • Consider their attitude. Remember, it’s a trainer’s job to help clients become healthier and fitter, and that means fostering a welcoming, motivating environment to encourage this sort of growth. Think about whether you can see yourself trusting a particular trainer to guide and motivate you during your workouts. Consistency is really important in fitness, and you need a trainer who will keep you coming back.

While choosing a personal trainer is a very personal decision, it can be helpful to keep these considerations in mind. Don’t let anxiety or intimidation get in the way of improved health and wellness. The right personal trainer can help you enjoy the many benefits of consistent exercise, prepare a fitness plan based on your goals, and guide you safely and effectively through your workouts. Get started at Framework Personal Training here in Reno – contact us today.

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