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Senior Fitness Tip – Drink Your Water!

The certified trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno specialize in senior fitness. We know that fitness changes after forty, and we’re proud to help adults stay strong, flexible, and independent well into their golden years and beyond. Today, we’re sharing a senior fitness tip that has nothing to do with exercise. It’s about hydration.

Dehydration Susceptibility

As we age, our sensation of thirst declines, along with the volume of water in our bodies. That’s compounded by certain medications that seniors may be advised to take, which can also increase the production of urine. But the dangers of dehydration are very real, and seniors in particular are at a greater risk of things like heatstroke and urinary tract infections.

It’s important to remember that we lose fluids all day long, even if you aren’t doing much in the way of physical activity and even if you’re indoors. Preventing dehydration is as simple as sipping water throughout the day instead of waiting until you feel thirsty, along with eating a varied diet rich in fruits and veggies, which have high water content. Turn drinking water into a habit, or  try filling up a water bottle and make sure you’ve consumed it all by the end of the day. If you take medications, make a point of drinking a serving of water at the same time.

Keep in mind that early signs of dehydration include dry skin and dark yellow urine. Headaches can also be an indication of dehydration. As you become more dehydrated, you might feel faint, dizzy, tired, or confused. Adequate hydration makes movement easier and more enjoyable, too. Keep exercising (and get started if you aren’t already!). Don’t let stiff joints or arthritis put you off. Exercise can help improve the pain and stiffness you feel, and the certified trainers here at Framework are ready to show you exactly what to do.

We know that muscle tone begins declining by 15% every decade after age 50, which contributes to poor balance and increases the likelihood of falls and fractures. That’s why the American College of Sports Medicine recommends weight training for everyone over 50 and even for seniors up into their 90s. Learn more about the benefits of exercise in your life – schedule a consultation with a certified trainer here at Framework in Reno. And don’t forget your water bottle!

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