Why Are My Muscles Tight?

It’s not uncommon to experience muscle tightness in the day or two following a good workout. But even spending the day flopped on the sofa or at your desk can lead to tight muscles. So what’s going on? Here’s why your muscles are tight.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

The pain and stiffness you feel in your muscles after a workout, which you may notice anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after training, is a result of eccentric contractions. It’s actually a sign of improving fitness, and it stems from microscopic damage inflicted to the muscle fibers. This occurs when you train harder than usual, or in a slightly different way. This soreness is part of the adaptation process, and while it’s not particularly fun, it shouldn’t affect your commitment to fitness. You can minimize soreness by slowly and gradually increasing intensity, something a trainer here at Framework Personal Training in Reno will build into your fitness plan.

Stretching won’t prevent DOMS, but it’s still important to cool down properly after a workout.

Muscle Imbalance

If you’re noticing stiffness and you can’t trace it to a workout, it’s likely related to posture or time spent at a desk. Muscles that are restricted in movement can tighten. From a seated position, the hips are in a bent, or flexed, position, which puts front hip muscles into a shortened positioned and rear hip muscles into a lengthened position. Your chest and back muscles are also compromised when you’re seated, particularly if you’re working on a computer. Prolonged repetition of this position can create muscle imbalances, with tightness in the shortened muscles and weakness in the lengthened muscles. And that creates poor posture – forward, rounded shoulders and underdeveloped glutes.

The workaround is to maintain proper posture, even when you’re sitting down. You should also focus on strengthening the lengthened muscles that have become weakened and stretching the tightened muscles.

Learn more about combating muscle soreness with an effective, scaled approach to fitness. In Reno, contact Framework Personal Training today.

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