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7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Personal Training Sessions

Personal training is an investment of both your time and money, and you should absolutely be getting something out of that. Here’s the catch. While your trainer is there to guide you towards those goals and help keep you safe, a lot of your success will depend on you. Here are seven tips for making the most out of your personal training sessions.

Making the Most of Personal Training

  1. Keep the chatting to a minimum. A little bit of chitchat isn’t an issue, but if talking sidelines effort, timing and technique, that’s a problem. Remember why you’re here, and do what you came to do.
  2. Don’t be late! Your trainer sets aside a specific amount of time for your training, and showing up late means you’ll end up omitting things or rushing. Make it a point to be punctual.
  3. Remember the importance of proper nutrition. Discipline in the gym is important, but it’s even more important in the kitchen. Don’t undermine all your effort by making poor eating choices.
  4. Be honest. If you’re telling white lies about nutrition or anything your trainer asks you to do during your own time, you’re setting both you and your trainer up for failure. Be frank about that you’re really willing to do.
  5. Get enough sleep. Your ability to recover and progress from your workouts is dependent on enough sleep, so make sure you’re hitting the sack on time.
  6. Trust your trainer! You may feel a little intimidated by some of the exercises your trainer wants you to complete, but you have to trust that your trainer has the expertise and experience to challenge you appropriately. Remember, though, that your trainer isn’t a mind reader. It’s important to be upfront about how you feel so that they can make modifications as needed.
  7. Take it seriously. Do what your trainer is asking to the best of your ability, whether that means getting lower on those squats or getting back to work after just a sixty-second rest. There’s a reason you’re being asked to do something, so focus and commit.

Considering a Personal Trainer?

If you don’t have a personal trainer yet, the certified professionals at Framework Personal Training are here to help. Contact us today!

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