Orthopedic Conditions? There’s a Personal Trainer for That

As we age, orthopedic conditions become an issue for all of us. Effective exercise is the key to keeping joints flexible and bone ligaments and muscles strong and healthy. All too often, the onset of orthopedic conditions results in less exercise – and that’s a problem. If you have orthopedic conditions, there’s a personal trainer right here in Reno who can make a difference.

The right personal trainer will have the training and experience to focus on your unique orthopedic condition. Orthopedic conditions and issues vary from one person to the next, which is why you should expect a personal training program that is tailored to your needs.

Depending on your particular orthopedic conditions, your personal training sessions might include joint and soft-tissue mobilization in addition to varied strength and stretching exercises, with a focus on functional training. Your personal trainer should also stay in close communication with any physicians or physical therapists to ensure you’re receiving coordinated care.

Your trainer should be able to share daily stretches and low-impact cardiovascular exercises, in addition to explaining, demonstrating and then supervising weight-bearing movements designed to repair injured areas and improve overall strength. If impact exercises or movements will aggravate injured joints, these should be explained to you.

Improvement is a progression, and whether you have orthopedic conditions or not, your fitness program should develop gradually. Adding new exercises slowly makes it easier to pinpoint the problem and make modifications if your condition becomes aggravated.

Physical activity stimulates bone mass, something we all need. Working through orthopedic issues with a certified personal trainer is a way to ensure the most benefits with the least amount of risk to you. The only catch is finding the right trainer.

At Framework Personal Training here in Reno, we specialize in working with clients who have orthopedic conditions. Schedule your consultation now, and see how we can make a difference in your physical health.

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