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The Buff Bride – A Framework Personal Training Review

We’ve written before about the Framework Personal Training difference, but it’s always nice getting another perspective. One of the best ways to find a good personal trainer, after all, is with information from some of the folks they train. First up is Tova McGilvray, a Framework Personal Training client here in Reno since November of 2017.

Framework Personal Training - Reno, NV MRS The Buff Bride - A Framework Personal Training Review  Framework Client Q&A

Tova heard about Paul Fisher, the owner of Framework Personal Training, from her boss, who also happened to be a client of Paul’s. “I’ve always had a decent figure,” explains Tova, “so my fitness goal was to have more energy. I was feeling so old, stiff and sluggish. I couldn’t take it anymore. I also had ‘no’ time to train and I did not want to change my diet. I needed a program that could be effective in a very narrow time window and where I wouldn’t be criticized for junky eating.”

So, how quickly did she start seeing progress?

“Energy, almost immediately,” says Tova. “I feel strong, able and eager to tackle any activity that I choose. Before, I felt too tired to do anything, even fun stuff like hiking or kayaking. I started noticing real strength gains in my second month and now I feel like the Hulk. My physique also improved in the fourth month, and again, I’ve done nothing to improve my diet. If I ever decided to eat better, I’m sure that I could get even more changes in my appearance.”

We asked Tova to share her thoughts about Paul and his approach to personal training.

“I cannot say enough great things about Paul’s training,” she said. “I have an upper back injury that isn’t severe enough to impact my daily life, but was really easily aggravated by working out. With Paul’s design of my training and his attention to form, I have been able to train with heavy weights and not injure myself. The facility has everything I need and I am so grateful that Paul always has it ready to rock the moment I walk through the door. I would recommend Paul to anyone interested in high-quality, structured personal training. I would especially recommend anyone with injuries to Paul.”

And to anyone thinking about personal training but in need of a little push, here are Tova’s final thoughts.

First, the studio itself. “This is not a gym,” she explains. “This is a training facility. People cannot weigh the cost of this training against a gym membership and think that it’s an equal comparison.” If you’re interested in personal training, “try it first, then consider it. One really needs to experience the goal-driven format to understand what she is signing up for.”

“I want to remind anyone getting training to speak up and be honest. If I’m not feeling too hot, I say something, and Paul can adjust the workout in a moment to make sure that I don’t overdo it,” says Tova. “We’re also very honest about what my goals are (or aren’t), and how much effort I’m really going to give them. I work hard when I’m with Paul and don’t give it much thought outside of our sessions, and that’s ideal for me.

Tova, you look amazing. Thank you for sharing! To anyone in Reno ready to start with a personal trainer, contact the pros at Framework Personal Training today.

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