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Three Reasons to Start Strength Training Now

If you could improve your balance, strengthen your bones, get better sleep, help your heart, and look and feel better, would you be skeptical? It’s not a magic pill – this is what happens with regular strength training. Some people find the idea of strength training intimidating, or assume you need some base level of fitness to get started. But the truth is, strength training benefits people of all ages and conditions (especially those with arthritis and heart issues), and it’s never too late to start. Here are three reasons to start strength training now.

Strength Training Helps you Lose Weight – And Maintain It

Anyone who’s ever dieted knows that dropping weight is one thing. Keeping it off is quite another! Fortunately, strength training can help you maintain weight loss by speeding up your metabolism, increasing the number of calories you burn in day-to-day activities – not just during your workouts. Unlike cardio, when you burn calories during the workout only, strength training means you continue burning those calories for a few more hours. Plus, carrying more muscle means your body is more efficient at burning calories around the clock.

Strength Training Helps Protect Your Bones & Muscles

After hitting puberty, both men and women begin to lose about one percent of their bone and muscle strength ever year. But strength training can not only halt this process, it can even reverse it. Bone density and strength is closely linked to independence for older adults, since hip fractures are one of the main reasons for many nursing home admissions. Strength training will help increase bone strength while improving muscle mass and connective tissue strength for improved balance and flexibility. Plus, it can help boost confidence levels in older adults.

Strength Training Helps in Disease Prevention

Physical benefits aside, research links strength training to improved wellness. In fact, it’s as effective as medication in treating arthritis pain. It improves bone density which reduces the risk of fractures, and it can also improve glucose control for the millions of Americans living with type 2 diabetes.

Ready to Begin?

You don’t need to join a gym to reap the benefits of strength training. But working with a personal trainer is a good place to find guidance and support. The trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno will create a strength training program just for you. A personalized plan will account for your current fitness level and abilities, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the improvements and changes you begin noticing early on. Consult with your doctor first, and then we schedule a free consultation so you can learn more about strength training and our certified personal trainers.

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