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The New Year’s Resolution Curse

With a fresh new year nearly here, many of us begin thinking about resolutions to improve our lives. A common theme in New Year’s resolutions relates to health and wellness. It’s what prompts so many people to join a gym, buy new workout clothes or a pair of athletic shoes, and pick up a container of protein powder. But by about January 20, the vast majority of us will have already stumbled in our commitment.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

If improved health and fitness is important to you in 2017, the single best way to make it happen is by investing in a personal trainer.

It’s hard to design an effective workout plan. It’s hard to get to the gym three, four, fives times a week. It’s hard to go when you’re busy or stressed or just plain unmotivated. But hiring a personal trainer can help you overcome those hurdles.

  • Accountability is one of the most effective ways to commit to fitness. A personal trainer is an automatic support system, and people are conditioned to want to fulfill commitments. When we know someone is waiting for you to show up and work hard, we tend to follow through.
  • Keeping things fresh is important for your body and your head. The same boring gym routine, treadmill or yoga poses make it hard to get excited about fitness. A personal trainer will keep things interesting without losing site of your long-term goals or putting you at risk of injury.
  • You’ll maximize your workout efficiency. We know you don’t have endless time, and personal trainers are adept at being productive with your gym time. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish, even in just thirty minutes if that’s all you have. And fewer effective workout sessions per week are better than a mediocre workout every day.
  • You’ll see better results because you’ll actually enjoy working out. If you’ve ever dreaded going to the gym and found yourself putting it off for the flimsiest reasons, a personal trainer can change your perspective.

A personal trainer will cost you more than a gym membership, no question. But if sticking to your health and wellness goals this year is something you want to do, stack the odds in your favor – and consider it an investment not just for the year, but for the long haul.

Read more about our approach to personal training on this site, and schedule your consultation today.

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