Three Things Successful Personal Trainers Do

Being successful as a personal trainer can be defined in different ways by different people. After 21 years as a trainer here in Reno, my definition of being successful as a personal trainer has simplified to this: providing training that best serves the client as an individual. I’ve found this is best accomplished with a three-tiered approach.

• Use a training technique that works for you, the client

A great personal trainer defines training not by the equipment or tools, but by the results the trainer and client are chasing. That means that the latest smartphone app, watch or device so loved by these clients may be a total flop with those clients. Understanding the importance of smoothing the clients’ individual paths to fitness is key. After all, you, as the client, is the one doing all the work. It’s up to the trainer to make the training methods, tools and technology work for you. If you find that the reverse scenario is happening with your trainer, it may be time to re-evaluate what you’re paying for.

• Focus on training movement first

With an aging population and a large segment of people who fall into the overweight and obese category, it’s a trainer’s job to help people feel better now. Why? Feeling better after a workout is what many people need to see the value of consistent fitness. Focusing training efforts on developing better movement creates a paradigm shift for many people, and that can have amazing repercussions. If you aren’t feeling any sort of excitement or motivation in relation to your workout, take a good look at your trainer.

• Be intelligent about intensity

Vomiting after working out. Soreness that lasts days. Bleeding callouses. These are hallmarks of fitness intensity for some, but why? The goal isn’t to injure the body, but to find the appropriate level of intensity for you. Sweat output isn’t a reliable indicator of the value of a workout – that’s something you can find in a magazine. A trainer who has the ability to guide you as you develop the confidence to train effectively and efficiently is something special. Think about how your body responds to your trainer’s workouts – during and after – and how you’re both defining intensity.

And here’s a bonus tip. Successful trainers aren’t simply cheerleaders. Instead, they’re leading you to fitness by tapping into the things that matter to you and using them for motivation. The best personal trainers teach – they don’t really train. Changing attitudes toward fitness is the first step to making lasting physical changes.

If you’re spending money on a trainer now, or considering doing so, think carefully about your definition of a successful personal trainer. If it aligns with what we do here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, let’s schedule a consultation.

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