4 Benefits of Functional Training for Just About Everyone

Fitness fads come and go, but functional training is a tried-and-true method that suitable for people of all abilities and ages. Here are four benefits of functional training that make it suitable for just about anyone.

It Makes Daily Movement Easier

Functional training mimics the movements we do every day. As we build muscle strength and endurance, simply getting through our day becomes easier. The idea with functional training is to improve the body’s overall function by adding resistance to improve strength. Over time, that makes things like squatting to pick up a toddler, reaching down to tie a shoe, reaching up to stow something on a top shelf, or even getting undressed in the evening much easier.

It’s Low Impact

Low-impact exercises can have a big impact on your health without putting joints at risk. That makes functional training particularly appealing to people who returning to fitness or just getting started. There’s no need to cause stress to your joints – this approach to fitness truly gives you the best of both worlds. It’s often described as a bridge between personal training and physical therapy, as these are movements and exercises designed to restore the body’s function.

It Improves Balance, Posture, Coordination & Flexibility

Proper functional training exercises move the body tend to move the body through a wide range of motion. As your body and muscles build in strength, and as you learn to train multiple muscles simultaneously for stabilization during the movements, you also develop better coordination, balance, and even flexibility. Proper technique while you train often translates to better posture as well.

It Reduces Risk of Injury

Many conventional training methods put practitioners at risk of injury. But functional training is different. In mimicking daily movement patterns, the body learns to handle those physical stresses more efficiently and effectively. Muscles and the surrounding ligaments strengthen, reducing your chances of injury.

Get Started

If you’re ready to learn more about functional training, a certified personal trainer can help. In Reno, the professionals at Framework Personal Training can answer all of your questions. See the difference a personal trainer can make in your healthcontact us today.

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