5 Reasons to Make Strength Training Your New Year’s Resolution

Whether or not you see the value of “new year, new you” type resolutions, committing to improved health and fitness is never a and decision. There are so many benefits to strength training in particular, no matter your current age or fitness level. As we approach a new decade, we hope everyone will consider prioritizing their own health. Here are five reasons to make strength training your New Year’s resolution.

Stronger Muscles

Stronger muscles aren’t about mere aesthetics. In our thirties, our bodies begin losing muscle mass if we aren’t actively working to grow it. The statistic is sobering – for those leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle, they lose between three and five percent of their muscle mass every decade after age thirty. It’s a kind of muscle loss is known as sarcopenia, and the consequences are severe – reduced strength and mobility that will progressively worsen with age. Sarcopenia is one of the main factors in frailty, which means a much greater risk of falls and fractures in seniors. The primary treatment for sarcopenia is strength training, and that’s true no matter your age or current ability.

Improved Bone Density & Strength

Osteoporosis is the bone-thinning disease that causes weak, brittle bones, with a less severe form known as osteopenia. That’s when your bones are weaker than normal, but not enough that they are prone to breakage. You don’t want either diagnosis – they both make you more susceptible to big injuries. Strength training is one of the best ways to combat the loss of bone density, which is more common in women. Starting with a certified personal trainer who specializes in senior fitness, like the professionals here at Framework Personal Training, can help slow or even halt bone density loss, minimizing your risk of brittle bones.

Better Balance & Stability

Stronger muscles, and particularly a strong core, help improve stability. The more stable we are, the less likely we are to fall. That’s important when you learn that the majority of people who suffer from bad falls suffer from poor balance and weak muscles – two highly preventable scenarios.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Stimulating blood flow by mindfully and regularly challenging your muscles encourages proper circulation. As those muscles become stronger, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard during muscle contraction. The happy result is reduced blood pressure and a lower resting heart rate.

Easier Daily Activities

There are a number of day-to-day tasks we all face. Getting up, bending over, walking, lifting, pushing, pulling – all of these movements become easier when we’re stronger. And when you’re focusing on functional training, you’re also building muscle memory, which helps you properly perform all of those daily movements and minimizes your odds of injury.

Getting Started

The New Year doesn’t officially begin until January 1, but there’s no reason to wait. Contact the trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno on Lakeside Drive now, and let’s make a plan to begin 2020 with a focus on improving your health and fitness. Strength training is an integral part of a healthy fitness routine – let’s get started now.

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