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Summer Fitness Tips

Here in northern Nevada, we usually enjoy four seasons, even if they’re not especially distinct. When it comes to summer fitness, are there any best practices? Actually, yes. Here are three summer fitness tips for those hot June, July and August workouts from the experts at Framework Personal Training in Reno.

Schedule It

Summer schedules tend to look a little different for many of us. Maybe the kids are home from school and you’re scheduling vacations and weekend getaways. Here’s what else you should schedule – your workouts. If that means making adjustments so that can fit them in around kids’ summer camps or weekends away, so be it. Every week, make a plan that prioritizes your workouts so they aren’t sidelined. And do your best to be realistic about what you can do.

Track It

Tracking your progress in the gym is a good way to help you stick to your workout schedule. Even when you’re planning and prioritizing your workouts, staying committed can be a challenge during summer break. A certified personal trainer can create a personalized training plan with a bit of flexibility to accommodate for sudden schedule changes. A training plan and a method of tracking your progress can help you stay more focused both on your immediate and your long-term goals. Even better, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not as effective.

Change It Up

Here in Reno, we have access to endless outdoor recreation, especially in the summer. Take advantage of all that space and change up your fitness with something different – paddling at Lake Tahoe, hiking Mt. Rose, or running a 5k. Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes, and you can enjoy a healthy, active summer that’s as fun as it is enjoyable.

Just remember to stay hydrated!

If you want more personalized direction this summer, the certified personal trainers here at Framework Personal Training are here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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