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Three Benefits of Strength Training During Pregnancy

It may seem counterintuitive, but for healthy moms-to-be with low-risk pregnancies, staying active can make for a great pregnancy. While any fitness regimen needs to be cleared with your OB first, many pregnant women find that safe, effective strength training that’s been appropriately scaled to accommodate a growing belly makes them feel great. Here are three benefits of strength training during pregnancy.

Strength Training Can Relieve Physical Discomfort

Lower back pain and leg cramps are two of the most common complaints during pregnancy. But strength training – particularly with a professional personal trainer – emphasizes appropriate form, proper technique, and mobility. This kind of focus can help reduce – and even prevent – common pregnancy aches and pains.

Strength Training can give you an Energy Boost

There’s a lot going on during pregnancy – raging hormones, physical and emotional stress, and all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into growing and carrying a tiny human being. No wonder energy levels plummet! Strength training challenges your muscles, gets your blood flowing and releases endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone that elevates the mood and reduces stress.

Strength Training can Promote a Smoother Labor and Delivery

Labor and childbirth can push abdominal and pelvic muscles to their limits, and consistent strength training in the months leading up to baby’s big debut can slowly and effectively strengthen the body in preparation. Even better? Strong abdominal and pelvic muscles can mean a speedier labor thanks to more effective contractions.

You may enjoy a speedier recovery, too. Strength training builds muscles that heal faster because of increased blood circulation and an improved cellular response to trauma. This is a big benefit when the body is returning to its pre-pregnancy state. And then there’s the mental component of strength training, which may be beneficial during labor and delivery.

Is Strength Training Right for You?

If strength training during pregnancy sounds like a good plan, speak with your doctor first. And then we invite you to contact Framework Personal Training here in Reno for a consultation. Hiring a personal trainer is always a good idea, it’s particularly smart during pregnancy. Ensuring that your workouts are safe and effective should be the most important consideration. That’s exactly what you’ll get with a personal trainer from Framework.

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