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The Benefit of Sticking to Your Fitness Plan Over the Holidays – Even During a Pandemic

The global pandemic is still turning the world upside down, even right here in Reno, Nevada. And with the added uncertainty and stress of the upcoming holiday season, it might be tempting to abandon your commitment to fitness. We understand the motivation, but maintaining your health is more important than ever. Here’s the benefit of consistent fitness over the holidays – even during a pandemic.

Minimizing the Effects of Stress

It’s no secret that depression and anxiety skyrocket during the holidays, and many people are already experiencing heightened levels of anxiety because of social distancing and isolation. But recommendations for managing these emotions haven’t changed – minding your nutrition, maintaining consistent sleep habits, limiting negative news consumption, and getting regular exercise.

Studies have confirmed the role of exercise for minimizing stress, anxiety and depression. By increasing blood circulation to the parts of the brain associated with motivation and mood, memory formation, and free response, exercise has a moderating effect on stress and anxiety.

Even if you aren’t planning traditional holiday gatherings, sticking to your workouts offers a sense of accomplishment and some much-needed structure. Many of us are working remotely, and it’s hard not to slip into a sedentary lifestyle when our homes suddenly make up the majority of our world. By prioritizing your workouts, you reap the many benefits of exercise – better sleep, more energy, and a better mood. Those are particularly important during this challenging time.

Prioritizing Fitness

If the thought of fitness feels overwhelming, the certified trainers at Framework Personal Training in Reno can help. We’re following all state guidelines to ensure safety and compliance during the pandemic, and our trainers will work with you to create a personalized fitness plan to ensure you maximize the benefits of mindful movement. Contact us today to learn more about how a structured approach to fitness can change everything.

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