7 Training Tips for the Summer

Summertime here in northern Nevada is pretty great. And while the afternoons can get hot, mornings are often a great time to train. But outdoor workouts, particularly in the summer, should be approached with care. If you aren’t already working with a certified personal trainer like the pros here at Framework Personal Training in Reno – and you aren’t enjoying a private, by-appointment, air-conditioned studio! – here are our seven training tips for summer.

Seven Tips for Summer Training

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We’re at high altitude in Reno and Sparks, but no matter where you are, outdoor workouts require proper hydration. Make sure to sip water before, during, and after your workout.
  2. Start slowly and adjust to the conditions. Take the time to properly stretch and warm up, and ramp your workouts up slowly over time. Your body can acclimate to higher temperatures, but don’t overdo it right out of the gate. If you’re not experienced with fitness or you’re out of shape, a personal trainer can offer important guidance here.
  3. Dress appropriately. Be sensible about your outdoor workout clothing. Look for materials that will wick sweat from the skin, and opt for lighter colors that will reflect heat instead of absorbing it. A hat will keep the sun off your face.
  4. Wear sunscreen. Apply it generously to your face and any exposed skin. Don’t forget the back of your hands!
  5. Schedule carefully. Don’t work out in the heat of the day. If you can manage it, plan to workout earlier in the morning or in the evenings. If those times aren’t an option, find a shady area and listen to your body.
  6. Pay attention to your body. Exertion in high temperatures can lead to major issues like heat exhaustion and even heat stroke, so it’s important to start slowly and gauge how you’re feeling while you train. If you’re moving a little slower than usual, or you need more frequent breaks, that’s okay.
  7. Take time to cool down. Don’t skip your cool down stretch! A cool shower after a hard outdoor workout is a good idea too.

Here’s Another Idea

Summer is a popular time for fitness. And while training outdoors has its benefits, it’s not doing you much good if you aren’t sure how to begin. Partnering with an experienced personal trainer means access to someone who can guide you safely and efficiently to your personal goals. If you’re ready to change your health for the better, resistance training is the way to go. Contact Framework Personal Training today, and let’s schedule a consultation to answer all of your questions.

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