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Here’s Why Home Fitness Can’t Replace Your Personal Trainer

There’s nothing like a pandemic to put something like fitness into perspective. Surveys from last year suggested only 30% of people would plan to return to the gym after lockdown restrictions lifted. And while there are benefits to working out at home, the truth is that home fitness can’t replace your personal trainer. Here’s why.

Personal Training is Just That – Personal

Among the many benefits of a personal trainer aren’t just the actual movements and exercises themselves. It’s the expertise and knowledge and even the eye of the trainer. It’s the ever-changing dynamic, the constant growth and evolution of your progress that a good trainer knows how to accommodate and encourage.

Apps and even personal training over Skype or Zoom or FaceTime means working through a barrier that separates you and your trainer. It means a different kind of energy, and it limits your trainer. They can’t physically correct you, which can mean the difference between good form and injury.

The setting itself likewise suffers. A gym setting, like the private studio of Framework Personal Training in Reno, is set up precisely to accommodate circuits. The majority of us don’t have the luxury of a full gym set up at home, which means we make do with what we have. That often means we’re missing out on important equipment and we’re overloaded with distractions.

Working with a personal trainer means setting aside time that’s just for fitness. There are no phone calls, no walks to the kitchen for water, no children running in asking for a snack. Prioritizing fitness is one of the biggest hurdles to consistent workouts, and training at home can make it particularly challenging.


There’s no question that home fitness has been important for many people during the pandemic. But for those of us who are ready to push themselves further, see real, measurable improvement in their fitness, improve their technique, or enjoy access to the kind of equipment that isn’t readily accessible or cost-effective to have at home, there’s no substitute for an experienced and certified personal trainer. If you’d like to learn more, contact Framework Personal Training in Reno today.

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