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Exercising Safely Outside During Self Quarantine

We’ve had typical spring weather here in northern Nevada, but it’s finally warming up enough to enjoy the outdoors. With gyms still closed under Governor Sisolak’s directive, and self quarantining remaining the new normal, getting outside is a good way to get some exercise and change up your surroundings. Just make sure you’re exercising safely outside during self quarantine – here’s how.

Skip the Park

Playgrounds and parks with fitness equipment may seem like an ideal way to get in a workout. But these public spaces are currently closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Here in Reno, we’re fortunate to have access to dozens and dozens of trails and hiking paths – another great option, right? Walking and hiking are both good ways to enjoy our beautiful high desert climate, but be sure to practice social distancing. Some area trails have been inundated thanks to our recent warm weather, so take your cue from the cars in the parking lot. And keep in mind that publicly managed trails, particularly those around Lake Tahoe, are likely closed these days so you should check before you head out.

Stay Close to Home

A drive up to the lake for a change of scenery and a beautiful hike sounds appealing, but in our collective effort to slow the spread, it’s probably a better idea to stay close to home. A walk or run in your own neighborhood is the safest way to exercise outside right now – there’s no travel required, and it’s easy to keep your distance from neighbors. Our stir-crazy pandemic workout routine mixes indoor and exterior work for an all-around routine, and you can also try incorporating some running or bodyweight intervals if you’re doing a few neighborhood laps. Remember to prioritize some kind of exercise every day – shoot for 30 minutes at least of mindful movement. It’s good for your body and your mind.

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