Why Functional Training is No Fad

The fitness industry is especially culpable when it comes to fads and buzzwords. We hear regularly about the latest and greatest workout or diet on social media, the news, or from celebrities in magazines. Honestly, it can be difficult to keep up. Functional training is one of the best ways to stay strong and healthy, […]


Four Excellent Benefits of Functional Training for Seniors

Functional training is one of those industry buzzwords, but it’s a philosophy rooted in common sense. This kind of training mimics movements in your day-to-day life, which means you spend time and effort helping your body prepare itself for common physical tasks – everything from rising to a standing position, reaching down to pick something […]


The Many Benefits of Functional Training

You’ve likely heard of functional training before, and it’s probably pretty close to what you’re imagining. Functional training is when you perform exercises that mimic ordinary actions as a way to build strength, mobility and power. In other words, it’s fitness for the real world. The focus isn’t on building huge muscles, but on improved […]


Three Benefits of Building a Strong Core

Aesthetics aside, a strong core is an integral part of your overall strength. When you’re being active – anything from climbing into the car to squatting at the gym to walking across the room – the movements that make this happen affect your core. That means weak, inflexible core muscles can negatively impact how well you […]


Six Reasons Functional Training is A Great Approach to Fitness

With so many fads, trends and buzzwords in the fitness industry, it can be a challenge to keep them straight. So what makes functional training different? The idea is simple. You perform exercises that mimic the actions of daily life to build strength, mobility and power – fitness for the real world. The focus isn’t on […]


Here’s How Weight Training Changes After 40

It’s actually on your 30th birthday when things change. That’s when your body starts losing muscle mass, and it can vary between 3 and 5 percent every ten years if you aren’t working to maintain it. Weight training changes after 40, but this is what you can do about it. The Loss of Muscle Mass It’s […]


Personal Training for People with Orthopedic Conditions

No matter how fit you are today, orthopedic conditions eventually impact everyone. While effective exercise is critical for joint flexibility and muscle and ligament health, the onset of orthopedic trouble can often mean a scaling back in working out. It’s understandable, but it’s not the best decision. If you’re dealing with orthopedic conditions, working out […]

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Fitness After 40 – Here’s How Things Change

Here’s the cold, hard truth. Between birth and age 30, your muscles grew bigger and stronger. But after that 30th birthday, you begin losing muscle mass – up to 3 to 5 percent each ten years if you’re not active. Fitness after 40 looks different, but it’s more important than ever. This is what you […]


Orthopedic Conditions? There’s a Personal Trainer for That

As we age, orthopedic conditions become an issue for all of us. Effective exercise is the key to keeping joints flexible and bone ligaments and muscles strong and healthy. All too often, the onset of orthopedic conditions results in less exercise – and that’s a problem. If you have orthopedic conditions, there’s a personal trainer […]