How to Stay Fit & Sane During Injury Recovery

When it comes to fitness, you’ll often hear that consistency is key. So what happens when you’re sidelined by an injury or an extended illness? How do you stay fit (and sane) during injury recovery? We polled the pros at Framework Personal Training here in Reno, and here’s what they recommend. Don’t Beat Yourself Up […]


Core Conditioning for Lumbar Disc Health – A Chiropractic Guest Post

Dr. Lynelle McSweeney is a chiropractor here in Reno, and today we’re fortunate to be featured on her blog. She asked us to share some information about core conditioning for lumbar disc health – head over and take a look! Core conditioning is about more than aesthetics. And it’s about more than just abdominals. In […]


Orthopedic Conditions? There’s a Personal Trainer for That

As we age, orthopedic conditions become an issue for all of us. Effective exercise is the key to keeping joints flexible and bone ligaments and muscles strong and healthy. All too often, the onset of orthopedic conditions results in less exercise – and that’s a problem. If you have orthopedic conditions, there’s a personal trainer […]


Can you Rehab After an Injury with a Personal Trainer?

There was time in the fitness industry during which it was not expected for a trainer to work with rehabilitation as it related to injuries. With the huge growth in the industry due to the baby boomer population and the ubiquity of group fitness, that period has passed. But just because there are more courses […]