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Can you Rehab After an Injury with a Personal Trainer?

There was time in the fitness industry during which it was not expected for a trainer to work with rehabilitation as it related to injuries. With the huge growth in the industry due to the baby boomer population and the ubiquity of group fitness, that period has passed. But just because there are more courses available in the area of physical rehabilitation and injury prevention doesn’t mean every personal trainer has taken them. If you want to rehab after an injury with a personal trainer, you need to find someone who knows what they’re doing. Here’s how.

  • Look for a trainer who is willing to contact your physical therapist

A qualified personal trainer will have no problem contacting your therapist to check on advised or contraindicated exercises and stretches. Continuity within the various healthcare providers is critical, and it’s much easier when your trainer is not only open to the idea, but proactive about it on your behalf. If a potential trainer assures you that he or she doesn’t need to consult anyone, proceed with caution.

  • Ask potential trainers about their education and professional interests

Inquiring about a potential trainer’s qualifications will tell you a lot. Are you inadvertently considering someone who earned a weekend certification?

A trainer who specializes in orthopedic and rehabilitation is far better suited to helping you come back after your injury, and one who understands and appreciates that there are many ways of handling the broad spectrum of joints and spines can skillfully build upon the program designed by your therapist. This will allow the patient to continue and progress with their rehabilitation.

  • Get referrals and references

Ask your therapist for a personal trainer recommendation. Ask friends, family, neighbors. If you train at a gym, ask specifically for a trainer who specializes in rehabilitation. And when you find a trainer with the right qualifications, ask for references.

The right personal trainer can be a great source of care after you’ve been released by a physical therapist. Just make sure you’re choosing wisely.

At Framework, we specialize in working with orthopedic clients. If you’re ready to rehab after an injury with a personal trainer, we welcome you to contact us and learn more about how we can help.

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