Seven Things Your Personal Trainer Should Understand

Sure, you expect your personal trainer to be able to show you proper form and keep you safe in the gym, but there’s much more to effective personal training than that. Here are seven things your personal trainer should understand.

  1. Extensive knowledge of both human anatomy and the practice of functional training and basic exercise science, plus general nutrition
  2. The ability to design a fitness program that is tailored specifically to the needs and achievable goals of you as a client
  3. The ability to conduct a proper client assessment, both at the beginning of a new training relationship and progressively
  4. The ability to execute effective, individual fitness programs in a safe, efficient manner
  5. The ability to help you reach your health and wellness goals through an appropriate combination of resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility training
  6. A commitment and interest in motivating people to improve their health and wellness
  7. A commitment and interest in personal health and wellness to serve as an example for others

If you find your trainer lacking in any of these points, consider whether you’d be better served by someone who ticks all the boxes. A good personal trainer puts the accountability, efficacy, safety and fun in your workouts. You should expect varied, progressive workouts and gradual improvement.

At Framework Personal Training, we remain committed to the basics of functional training not because it’s trendy, but because it works. As fitness fads come and go, you can expect the same commitment to effective personal training in our comfortable and private gym. Contact us now to learn more.

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