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The Many Benefits of Functional Training

You’ve likely heard of functional training before, and it’s probably pretty close to what you’re imagining. Functional training is when you perform exercises that mimic ordinary actions as a way to build strength, mobility and power. In other words, it’s fitness for the real world. The focus isn’t on building huge muscles, but on improved movement, which makes it ideal for older people who want to stay ableĀ and healthy.

Functional Training History

Functional training began as a form ofĀ soldier rehabilitation afterĀ World War I. Soldiers returning from the war hadĀ injuries that affectedĀ every day activities likeĀ walking, standing, sitting and bending. To address issues of mobility and core strength, functional exercises were developed. Today,Ā functional training in fitness isĀ a return to compound movements.Ā WhileĀ bodybuilding and power lifting focus on isolation exercisesĀ to build muscular physiques, functional training has another goal.

No matter your age or ability, hereĀ are six reasons to giveĀ functional trainingĀ a shot.

Functional Training Benefits

  • MovementĀ ā€“ Our bodies are designed for movement, and yet we lead moreĀ sedentary lives than ever. FunctionalĀ training exercises put your body through full movement pattern, rather than isolating specific muscle groups. Again, less individual muscle growth, more overall function.
  • Better postureĀ ā€“ Practicing proper technique and performing single-limb, also known as unilateral, exercises can actually help correct poor posture and imbalances in the muscle.
  • IncreasedĀ muscle tone ā€“ Just because you aren’t focusing on building muscles individually doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy more strength as a whole. ThinkĀ of a gymnast – they routinely train movement patterns and lift their own body weight, and they have amazing physiques.
  • MoreĀ fat lossĀ ā€“ Full-body exercises effectively boost theĀ metabolism in addition toĀ improving strength, endurance and mobility.
  • ImprovedĀ stability ā€“ Functional training puts the focus on things like balance, core stability, flexibility, mobility, and overall strength. It’s a full body challenge in every workout.
  • ImprovedĀ core strength ā€“ Another essential element of functional training is core activation. The stronger your core, the more stable you are.

Ready to Try?

If you’d like to learn more aboutĀ functional training, the certified personal trainers at Framework Personal Training here in Reno canĀ help. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us help you improve your strength, mobility, flexibility and health.

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