4 Specific Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

By now, everyone knows that exercise is important. And that doesn’t change as we age. According to The American Academy of Family Physicians, almost all senior citizens would benefit from regular physical activity. It’s true that older bodies may need a little more time to recover and it’s important to choose appropriate forms of exercise, but the benefits significantly outweigh the risks. Here are four specific benefits of exercise for seniors.

Improved Immune Function

Regular exercise contributes to a strong, healthy body, which is in a better position to fight off infection. Plus, a strong body means a faster, easier recovery from illness.

Stronger Bones

The loss of bone density means a greater risk of osteoporosis, which means more fragile, brittle bones. Women in particular are susceptible to the loss of bone mass – as much as two percent every year. Strength training has been shown to significantly reduce bone loss and even reverse it, while also improving balance.

Better Bodily Function

From the heart and lungs to the metabolism and digestive systems, regular exercise helps improve just about every bodily function and process.

Lowered Risk of Chronic Conditions

Regular physical activity has been proven to help reduce the risk of certain serious health conditions. It can also minimize symptoms of existing conditions. Consistent exercise has also been linked to decreased mortality.

Getting Started

Not every exercise program is suitable for seniors, and particularly those getting into fitness for the first time (or the first time in a long time). An experienced and certified personal trainer, like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, can create a personalized plan that’s both safe and effective for individual fitness goals. A good exercise regimen for seniors should include aerobic and endurance exercises, strength and resistance training, and stretching and flexibility exercises. That may seem overwhelming for someone who isn’t sure where to begin, but it can all be achieved in regular exercise sessions a few times per week. A personal trainer will show you how to properly execute each exercise and ensure you enjoy the benefits of fitness, while minimizing any potential risk of injury. It’s never too late to get started, so contact the professionals at Framework Personal Training in Reno now.

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