Personal Training for People with Orthopedic Conditions

No matter how fit you are today, orthopedic conditions eventually impact everyone. While effective exercise is critical for joint flexibility and muscle and ligament health, the onset of orthopedic trouble can often mean a scaling back in working out. It’s understandable, but it’s not the best decision. If you’re dealing with orthopedic conditions, working out with a personal trainer who specializes in those issues is money very well spent. Here’s why.

  • Personalization

A fitness plan that’s customized to you, and to your specific orthopedic conditions, is important. Your goals and needs will warrant a personalized routine that may include join and soft-tissue mobilization in addition to strength and stretching exercises that focus on functional anatomy.

  • Communication

A plan of action agreed upon with your physician or physical therapist ensures that you receive coordinated care.

  • Expertise

The right personal trainer – one who specializes in training clients with orthopedic conditions – will be able to share daily stretches and low-impact cardiovascular exercises. He or she will also be able to explain, demonstrate and then monitor weight-bearing movements that are designed to repair injured areas and increase strength. When you work with an expert, the risk of exercises that will only aggravate injured joints is greatly reduced.

  • Realistic Improvement

You can expect gradual but steady improvement. By incorporating new exercises and movements over time, it’s easier for you and your trainer to pinpoint any potential problems and make immediate modifications to avoid aggravating your condition.

The bottom line is that working through orthopedic issues with the right personal trainer is the best to ensure the most benefits with the least amount of risk. The tricky part, then, is how to find that trainer.

At Framework Personal Training here in Reno, we specialize in working with clients who have orthopedic conditions. Schedule your consultation now, and see how we can make a difference in your physical health – safely and effectively.

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