Three Obstacles to Fitness – And How to Manage Them

You may have good intentions to get regular exercise, but it’s not always easy to turn intention into action. Life happens, and for many people, exercise is the first thing to slip. But fitness is so important to your health and well-being. It should be prioritized as much as possible. Here are three common obstacles to fitness, and how to manage them.

You’re Too Tired

After a full day of work, plus family obligations, you may be exhausted, with zero energy for a workout. In fact, the idea of squeezing in a workout may make everything seem worse. But physical activity won’t zap your energy – it’ll actually give you energy. And when you’re consistently exercising, you’ll find that fatigue levels reduce and your energy overall increases. If you can, try to schedule your workout when your energy levels are at their peak. For many of us, it’s in the morning. And morning workouts can help you feel accomplished and motivated throughout the day.

Try this – if you’re feeling too tired to move, try just a five-minute walk. Odds are good you’ll feel better, and ready for something a little more challenging.

You Have No Idea Where or How to Begin

If you feel overwhelmed with all the fitness options out there, you may feel like quitting before you even begin. Which workout is right for you? How do you lift weights without hurting yourself? Is running supposed to be this hard? It’s normal to have questions when you start exercising for the first time (or the first time in a long time). A personal trainer, like the certified professionals here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, can work with you to develop a fitness plan that accommodates for your unique circumstances. An experienced trainer takes the guesswork out of fitness and helps you move safely and efficiently toward your personal fitness goals.

Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from reaping the many benefits of exercise. The right trainer can help.

You Just Aren’t Motivated

Motivation is an emotion, which means you aren’t always going to feel it. When we’re anxious, stressed, or depressed in particular, it can be hard to summon the motivation to exercise. The workaround here is making fitness a habit. When it’s just something you do at a certain time, you can rely on habit instead of motivation to get it done. Again, a good trick here is to commit to just five minutes. Don’t think about the entire workout, just plan on spending some time stretching and warming up. You’ll very likely end up feeling good enough to see your workout through.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

Prioritizing fitness can be easier when you have a personal trainer. It becomes a financial transaction, and the level of accountability goes way up too. In Reno, learn more about Framework Personal Training with a consultation – contact us today.

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