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Personal Training for Low Back Pain? You Bet.

More than 80% of the population suffers with low back pain at some point – and muscle imbalances, specifically muscular action or inaction, are one of the main culprits. But before you start thinking about surgery, consider this: functional training to target the muscles – not the spine – can help improve posture and function while reducing pain. And who can help you with that? The right personal trainer.

Muscle imbalances can come from a few different sources:

  • Reduced activity in your day-to-day life
  • Repetitive movements at work or at home
  • Chronic bad posture
  • Dominance to one side or the other
  • Poor exercise technique and imbalanced strength training

A personal trainer with a comprehensive understanding of functional anatomy can help you resolve the last two problems above, and that can positively impact the other issues.

Muscle imbalances don’t just make your back sore. They’ll create a litany of problems that will affect you over the long term:

  • Altering your muscles both physiologically and neurologically
  • Compromising your mobility and stability
  • Developing poor body mechanics

Maintaining optimal health can be achieved with healthy joint alignment and movement, and with muscle balance and function. And all of that comes from effective exercise and proper technique. Performing exercises without accounting for stability and mobility will compound the problem, which highlights again the value of a personal trainer who understands functional anatomy.

Questions? Schedule a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can resolve your back pain issues with effective strength training.

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