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Finding a Personal Trainer in Reno for Seniors

More and more seniors here in Reno and across the country are actively managing their health with regular exercise. Here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, we’re helping a number of seniors enjoy all the benefits that come with strength training specifically. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Reno, we have a few suggestions.

Understanding the Client

Personal trainers are trained to accommodate for their clients’ abilities and limitations. But working with seniors means more than just simpler exercises. It’s important that the trainer properly assesses the client before any exercise begins. That means checking for joint weaknesses, injuries, and any other limitations. This is the only way the trainer can design a fitness program that will strengthen joints and muscles and improve mobility and balance.

A good place to start is with someone who specializes in active seniors. In Reno, you’ll find trainers like that right here at Framework.

Why Strength Training?

It’s true that even half an hour of moderate activity, like a brisk walk, has health benefits for seniors. But strength training offers a number of additional benefits, including fending off some of the standard hallmarks of aging. Low-intensity exercises that focus on flexibility, core and coordination, with an emphasis onĀ functional strength, pays off in spades. It’s why experts recommend this form of exercise for seniors in particular.Ā The benefits of consistent strength training include:

  • DecreasedĀ insulin resistance
  • Increased bone density
  • FasterĀ metabolism
  • Better quality of sleep
  • DecreasedĀ loss of muscle mass
  • StrongerĀ immune system

Another benefit? Strength training can help older clients minimize conditionsĀ such asĀ low back pain and arthritis.

The Takeaway

Exercise is about improving health and fitness, and that’s true regardless of age. If you want to be more in control of your health, strength training with an experienced, certified trainer is a great way to do just that. Ready to learnĀ more about the benefits of personal training? Regardless of your age or current fitness level,Ā the trainers at Framework can help. Contact us today.

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