Here’s What Differentiates Exercise from Physical Activity

Ever wondered if you hit the minimum daily requirement of activity just going through your daily routine? It’s not likely. For most of us, our regular daily physical activity would quality as light to moderate in intensity. 

Defining Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is generally defined as a form of planned physical activity that’s mindfully and purposefully performed as a method of improving fitness. When we work out, go for a run, take a yoga class, swim, cycle, or play organized sports, we’re exercising. Physical activity, on the other hand, encompasses all of the daily practices that involve movement. That varies from one person to the next and might include walking the kids to school, going up and down the stairs in our homes, mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk, grocery shopping, vacuuming, and more. These kinds of movements involve muscle contraction, but their purpose isn’t necessarily fitness-related.

The biggest differentiator between exercise and physical activity is intensity. When we’re moving for the sake of fitness, both the intensity and your heart rate are elevated. While general physical activity may increase your heart rate temporarily, it’s not a prolonged, consistent effort that you experience with true exercise. And that level of exertion is what contributes to the health benefits we derive from exercise. Advantages like an optimal resting heart rate and strong metabolism come from consistent vigorous activity – it’s the level of exertion that provides the benefits.

Consider Your Goal

If your goal is a strong, healthy, flexible body, general physical activity isn’t going to help nearly as much as a well-rounded approach to fitness. One of the benefits of working with an experienced and certified personal trainer, like the team here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, is that creating an effective workout plan is their job. If all you want is to benefit from doing the work, the right trainer will do the planning. Let our trainers build an effective, safe fitness plan that will build exercise into your routine. And then you’ll never have to worry whether your daily physical activity is enough.

Contact us today, and let’s make a plan.

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