3 Instances When Exercise Form is Really Critical

We’ve written before about the importance of proper exercise technique. And while the best recommendation is to practice proper form every time you train, there are times it’s even more important. Here are three instances when exercise form is really critical.

Your Weights are Going Up

As soon as you start adding weight to a particular movement, make sure you know all the components to execute it correctly. When you start with proper movements and light weight, it gives you the opportunity to develop a muscle memory. If you’re doing it wrong from the beginning, that improper pattern you’ve developed is going to pair with a heavier load, which just increases your chances of injury.

You Repeat a Particular Movement Consistently

Coaches like to tell their students that practice makes permanent. That’s because repetition of an exercise or movement – a squat or a pull up, for instance – leads to that neuromuscular imprinting. If you practice a movement incorrectly over and over again, you’re teaching yourself what not to do, and setting yourself up for joint or musculoskeletal problems.

You’re in Your 40s or Older

Fitness changes as we age. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t work out like you did when you were 20, but it does mean you should understand that your body and muscles may perform differently. The body becomes more vulnerable as it ages, and ensuring that your form is impeccable will minimize the risk of injury.

The impact of injuries we suffered in our youth also tends to become apparent in our later years. Prior injuries or existing musculoskeletal issues need to be accommodated, and that often means focusing on technique.

The Value of a Trainer

Among the many benefits of working with a certified personal trainer is an experienced eye watching your form. From the very first time you perform a movement, a knowledgeable trainer will guide you, correct you, and explain the specifics and components so you learn proper technique. If you don’t have the strength to complete a movement properly, they’ll show you modifications to build that strength without sacrificing form.

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