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The Benefit of Twice-Weekly Resistance Training for Older Adults

We already know that regular resistance training can help maintain and increase muscle strength and function for aging adults. But a study out of Finland has found that the recommend twice-weekly strength training plan has another benefit.

From the Study

The nine-month study was designed as an intervention on three tenets of exercise – motivation, planning and efficacy – and included a group of seniors aged 65 to 75 with no prior resistance training experience who didn’t meet physical activity guidelines.

Nine months of resistance training had the expected result of better health, but it also increased motivation for these seniors. In short, study participants ended up actually enjoying exercise. What’s more, planning for exercise also increased, and close to half of the participants continue strength training on their own after the study finished.

For many seniors, getting started is often the biggest hurdle. That’s why a personal trainer who specializes in senior fitness can be a big benefit. The trainers at Framework Personal Training will create a personalized plan designed to help you safely begin strength training, even if you have no prior experience. It’s never too late to begin, and committing to exercise is truly the best thing you can do for your health.

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