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Three Benefits of Finding a Personal Trainer Who Specializes in Senior Fitness

Staying strong and active as we age means taking a proactive role in our own health. Losing strength, flexibility, balance and coordination doesn’t have to be inevitable. With consistent exercise, we can stay healthy, active and independent as we get older. One of the ways to get the exercise we need is by finding a personal trainer. Here are three benefits of finding a personal trainer who specializes in senior fitness.

Finding a Trainer Instead of Joining a Gym

Here in Reno, there’s no shortage of gyms and fitness centers where you can come and go when it suits you. But there are advantages to working with a trainer instead.

  • Safety first. If you’re working out, you’re doing it to improve your health – not injure yourself. Using equipment incorrectly or with poor technique can cause injuries that will only derail your efforts. A trainer who specializes in senior fitness won’t only show you the right way to use equipment and perform exercises. They can also offer modifications that will accommodate poor balance, limited mobility, weakness, and more, all to keep you safe and productive.
  • Age-appropriate. Things change as we get older, and it’s important to work with a trainer who understands the unique challenges of exercise as a senior. Workouts suitable for someone thirty years younger may not be the best fit for someone who’s just getting back to fitness. A trainer who specializes in senior fitness can recommend exercises that pertain to your specific goals, whether that’s balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, or all four.
  • Personalized attention. The benefit of a personal trainer is the personal attention they give you. You’ll be directed in which exercises to complete and how to complete them, and as you improve, your trainer will increase intensity, add new exercises, or adjust modifications.

Enjoy the many benefits that come with regular fitness, and do it the best way possible – with a trainer who understands exactly what’s involved in senior fitness. Contact the team at Framework Personal Training today to learn more.

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