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3 Signs You’ll Benefit from a Personal Trainer

Once upon a time, personal trainers offered a service for only the fortunate few. But like many things, the industry has evolved, and today, more people than ever can benefit from the expertise of a certified personal trainer. If you’re wondering whether that includes you, the answer is yes. And if you’re wondering whether you might benefit from a personal trainer, here are three signs that might help.

You Don’t Know Where to Begin

If the idea of fitness is both intimidating and somewhat overwhelming, you’re not alone. Between exercise philosophies, equipment, and recommendations, it’s not uncommon to want to give up before you even get started. But the benefits of consistent exercise are far too great to let a little apprehension deter you. And that’s where investing in a personal trainer can make a huge difference. You’ll learn all the basics, including proper technique and how to create an effective routine to move closer to your goals. You’ll benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of your trainer (so choose wisely!), and you’ll have the built-in accountability that can be such a game changer.

You Aren’t Getting Results

This is one of the most common reasons people find a personal trainer. Whether you’ve been training for a long time and can’t break through a stubborn plateau, you’re losing motivation and struggling to stay committed, or you’re working hard but seeing no results, a personal trainer will create a personalized, progressive plan. Sometimes, simply having someone else coaching you through the movements is all you need to do so much more than you thought.

You’re Worried about Form

When you’re moving heavy weights around, it’s imperative that you do so properly. And a YouTube video isn’t the same as a certified personal trainer who can correct your movements in real time. If you’re at all unsure about your form, or you’re dealing with aches and pains in your joints (and not your muscles), a personal trainer can help. In addition to showing you how to complete every exercise properly, they can introduce variations to keep you safe and free of injuries.

This is important for everyone, but particularly for seniors. Not every trainer is qualified to work with senior citizens, so don’t trust your health and fitness to just anyone.

The Bottom Line

In Reno, Framework Personal Training has been offering experienced, proven personal training for decades. No fads, nothing fancy, just consistency in functional training. It’s why our private, by-appointment studio has enjoyed such longevity, even as the latest and greatest fitness boutiques come and go. If you’re debating the value of a personal trainer, we hope you’ll put it to the test. Contact Framework Personal Training in Reno today for a free consultation.

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