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Should I Join a Gym or Hire a Personal Trainer?

With Thanksgiving a few weeks away and the holiday season just around the corner, many people push any thought of nutrition and fitness well into the New Year. After all, “getting fit” and “losing weight” are among the most common New Year’s resolutions. But if that applies to you, have you considered how best to accomplish that goal? What’s more effective – joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer? The truth is, these are two very different options.

Joining a Gym

If joining a gym or boutique studio specializing in something specific like spin or Pilates or barre is a consideration, then you’re paying for group instruction and access to varied amenities. A traditional gym setting will often mean access to a bunch of weightlifting equipment, cardio machines, and maybe a pool. After the initial tour and maybe a session or two thrown in for free, you’ll be largely on your own to navigate the equipment and your own fitness routine. A specialized studio usually means group fitness classes on a set schedule. You’ll have the benefit of trainer instruction, but you probably won’t get individual attention beyond the basics.

Hiring a Personal Trainer

Deciding on a personal trainer means investing in someone for their qualifications and expertise. You’ll get the benefit of their training and experience, a personalized workout plan that addresses your current physical state and your goals, and you’ll enjoy private training sessions designed to move you safely and efficiently forward those goals. You’ll also get the benefit of timing workouts that suit your schedule.

So What’s Better?

Deciding whether to join a gym or hire a personal trainer comes down to personal goals, personal experiences, and personal backgrounds. If you already know your way around the gym and you can train effectively without putting yourself at risk of injury, maybe joining a gym is all you need. But if you’ve done the gym thing before and never seemed to progress or it was a challenge finding motivation to stick to a consistent schedule, you might consider going the personal trainer route. There are other benefits to this option, too.

  • The accountability factor – Handing over money for someone’s time means you’re far more likely to show up, and that’s especially true when you begin developing a relationship with your trainer. The same can be said for a monthly gym membership, but your monthly fee doesn’t care if you never show up at the gym as long as you keep paying!
  • No guesswork – Ask yourself whether you have a clear, thoughtful plan when you hit the gym. Are you wandering from machine to machine, waiting until you’ve spent a good forty to sixty minutes pushing weights around? That doesn’t happen with a personal trainer – he or she will keep you on task with a game plan.
  • Keep it fresh – A good trainer will challenge your body with a workout that changes regularly, which can help keep you (and your muscles) from getting bored.
  • Prioritize – When you’re scheduling time with someone, it becomes a priority on your calendar. Consistency is key, and a trainer can help you stay consistent.

Here’s the bottom line – any exercise is better than no exercise. But if you’re serious about changing your body and your health, a personal trainer is going to be a more efficient, effective way of reaching that goal. Learn more about the trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, and let us answer your questions about training here in our private, by-appointment studio. Contact us today.

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