Bad Exercise Technique Is About More Than Injury Risk

On its surface, the concept of improper exercise technique seems clear. When you don’t know the right way to perform an exercise, you’re putting yourself at risk of injury. And while that’s true, it’s only part of the issue. Because bad exercise technique is about more than injury risk.

A Constant Battle

You may not be aware of it today, but our bodies are locked in a constant battle against both gravity and degeneration. And when we train with poor form, we make that battle even harder on ourselves. The effects of years of bad exercise technique often reveal themselves late in the game, when it’s too late to make important changes. Think about it – unless you’ve injured yourself, pain is so often the last symptom to appear. Consider the risk you’re taking hitting the gym without a real understanding of what you’re doing.

So what’s the workaround? You could analyze videos on the internet or buy weight lifting books for dummies. Or you could partner with a certified personal trainer who has years of training and experience both with body mechanics and fitness training. Here at Framework Personal Training, we specialize in fitness over forty, and we’ve developed a reputation as a go-to private gym for seniors ready to reap the many benefits of consistent exercise. More importantly, our trainers know their stuff.

Body Mechanics

The body is in a neutral position when, viewed from the side, it’s properly aligned from ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. The farther a body moves from this position, the greater the wear and tear it endures. Most of us spend a disproportionate amount of time seated or standing with terrible posture. Consider your own posture at this very moment – if your head is coming forward, and it probably is, your shoulders accommodate by rounding. This promotes a steeper lumbar spine extension. What’s more, many of us are guilty of poor posture enough of the time that we’re actually programming our bodies to adopt this inferior stance.

Add weight to the equation when you hit the gym, and you have a recipe for chronic pain issues down the line, particularly because it’s common to rely on momentum when you’re pushing or pulling heavy weights – another scenario ripe for disaster.

Make a Change for the Better

The body needs movement for health, but don’t turn such an important element into a problem. Find a certified trainer, like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, to show you how to exercise properly. Doing so minimizes your risk of injury today and preserves proper body function for tomorrow. Contact our trainers now so they can assess your technique and make recommendations.

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