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What Seniors Should Look For In A Personal Trainer

The negative impact of inactivity, particularly for people over the age of 50, is well documented. Some 31 million American seniors qualify as inactive, which means their daily movement is only enough to satisfy basic tasks. This puts them at risk of serious health issues and a far greater likelihood of accidents and injuries, thanks to low muscle tone, poor balance and coordination, and inflexibility. But a consistent exercise program can change all of it, and it’s never too late to start. Here are three things seniors should look for in a personal trainer.

The Right Credentials & Experience

Seniors may have special health or physical considerations, and it’s important that a personal trainer can appropriate accommodate them. Ask specifically about a trainer’s credentials and experience. Have they worked with seniors before? How many of their current clientele are over the age of 50? How do they tailor fitness programs for seniors? Can they offer you references? Don’t be afraid to be direct – you want to be sure that any trainer you consider working with knows what they’re doing.

The Right Attitude

Personal trainers are essentially small business owners. If a potential trainer seems too pushy or aggressive, take that kind of attitude as a warning sign. A trainer’s job is to help clients become healthier and fitter – not to take on as many clients as possible, no matter what. You should feel comfortable with a trainer’s approach and outlook, and if you aren’t, keep looking.

The Right Outlook

All personal trainers have different strengths and weaknesses. Ask whether a prospective trainer has a specialty, and whether you might be a good fit. If a trainer’s strengths don’t align with your needs and goals, ask for a referral. A good trainer will be able to recommend someone else – and have no problem doing so – if they don’t think they can help you.

A certified personal trainer who specializes in senior training is a wonderful resource for older adults who need to start exercising for better health. While finding the right trainer is always a personal decision, remember these suggestions as you look. If you’re in Reno, the trainers here at Framework Personal Trainer are happy to help. We specialize in fitness over 4o, and we’re proud to work with a number of seniors. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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