Four Reasons to Train Outside this Spring

You wouldn’t know it by looking outside here in Reno, but today is the first day of spring. As the days become warmer and longer, try changing up your approach to fitness. Here are four reasons to train outside this spring.

Renewed Commitment

Being outside makes us feel healthier – blame all that fresh air – and when we exercise outdoors, we seem to linger. Just by taking your fitness outside, you’ll likely spend more time soaking in the sun and air. That means more physical activity, which is great, plus all the happy side effects of that movement, like more endorphins, increased serotonin production and modulated stress hormones, all of which mean a better mood.

Lowered Blood Pressure

When stress levels are reduced, it’s good for the heart. Ever heard of forest bathing? It’s a Japanese pastime in which people spend time walking outdoors. It’s been linked to lower levels of cortisol, and it involves nothing more than soaking in the fresh air among the trees. Plants release phytoncides, aromatic compounds that can boost a specific kind of white blood cell that may lower the risk of cancer. Not bad for a walk in the woods!

Improved Mental Health

Being outdoors can help people feel calmer, especially when you’re walking or running in a park setting instead of something more urban. That’s probably because nature is a wonderful distraction from major stresses in our lives.

More Fun

Studies suggest that training outside helps us enjoy exercise more. We feel energized, revitalized and engaged training outside than inside, as well as less tension and frustration. Trading the mirrors and the hustle and bustle of the traditional gym setting for fresh air and open spaces is dramatic, and it helps us put the focus on the benefits of moving mindfully.

Ready to Get Started?

You don’t need a personal trainer to exercise outside, but if you’re not sure where to begin or you have limitations that make fitness a challenge, it’s not a bad idea. A certified personal trainer, like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, can create a personalized fitness plan that will work indoors and out, and you’ll benefit from all their expertise and experience.  Schedule a free consultation today.

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