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Everyday Hacks to Stay Motivated for Fitness Over the Holidays

Between the rich food (and so much of it!), the family obligations and all that traveling, it can be tough to factor for fitness over the holidays. Pair that with New Year’s Resolutions, and it’s no wonder that gyms get busy come early January. If staying on track in November and December is hard for you, you’re not alone. Try these everyday hacks to stay motivated for fitness over the holidays.

Plan, Plan, Plan

While planning out your fitness schedule is important anytime, it can be especially important during the holiday season, when trips and holidays can get in the way. This is a time to be proactive, so plan workouts around your obligations – and then stick to them.

Start Early

If you have family in town, work those workouts in earlier so that you aren’t distracted later in the day. It’s rough getting up so early, but you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you made time for yourself.

Partner Up

Finding a trainer partner helps with accountability, and that’s true over the holidays too. You might consider working with a personal trainer just to make sure you stick with your workouts. Plus, you’ll benefit from their experience and knowledge – it’s the best way to move toward your goals as safely and efficiently as possible.

Be Choosy

It’s not necessary to deprive yourself completely of treats and rich foods over the holidays, but be selective. Enjoy a single helping of the foods you really, really want, and then pack those leftovers away for another day.

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