Hiring a Personal Trainer vs Joining a Gym

With the holidays nearly upon us, New Year’s resolutions aren’t far behind. “Losing weight” or “getting fit” or some version of those ideas are likely to top many a list, and that begs the question: is it better to hire a personal trainer or join a gym? Hey, good question.

Here’s the short answer. Hiring a personal trainer and joining a gym are two very different things.

The first option means you’re hiring someone for their expertise and qualifications so that you can have a customized workout plan tailored to your needs and goals, as well as one-on-one (or two-on-one or three-one-one, in some cases) instruction and training.

The second option gives you access to varied amenities offered at your local gyms – weights, group fitness classes, a pool and sauna, etc.

So which option is better? It depends on your goals and your own experiences and background. Hiring a personal trainer is a smart move for several reasons:

  • Forking over money for a personal trainer translates to an accountability factor – you’re more likely to show up, especially when you begin developing a relationship with your trainer. (While the same can be said for a monthly gym membership, you aren’t standing anyone up if you don’t get to the gym).
  • It removes the guesswork. Sure, you can hit up a few machines at the gym, maybe do something similar to that guy in the corner, but do you have a plan in mind? When you follow a personal trainer’s instructions, you’re following a plan that’s been designed to get you from point A to point B so you aren’t just spinning your wheels.
  • It keeps things fresh. A good trainer will challenge your body with a varied workout, which can help keep you from getting bored.
  • It makes your workouts a priority. When you’re scheduling time with someone, it becomes a priority on your calendar too. Consistency is key, and a trainer can help you stay focused and consistent.

For some, a personal trainer seems cost-prohibitive. But it’s worth pricing out, certainly. At Framework, our personal trainers work with clients in our facility. You’ll enjoy a private environment to train, a workout plan that’s been designed to suit your needs and goals, and a professional trainer who can help you reach your goals.

If the fringe benefits of a gym membership appeal to you – access to a pool, maybe, the social aspects of working out in a crowd, all the equipment and options – and you have the experience to work out effectively while minimizing risk of injury, then by all means, join a gym. Any exercise is better than no exercise. But if you’re serious about changing your body and your health, we invite you to schedule a free consultation to learn the many ways a personal trainer can help you do just that.

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