The Key to Managing Stress in 2019

Here’s a stark statistic – seven out of ten American adults admit to experiencing stress or anxiety every single day, and most of them think it interferes with their lives. But there is good news. While some degree of stress may be inevitable, it’s also manageable. And while there are many techniques for coping, it’s exercise that’s most recommended by health care professionals.

The Benefits of Fitness

You’re likely familiar with the physical benefits of exercise – lower risk of certain diseases, improved physical condition, better sleep, lowered blood pressure and resting heart rate, and more – but that’s not all there is to it. When fitness is the prescription for managing stress levels, it’s because exercise has amazingly long-reaching effects that start on a mental level. In fact, exercise is considered essential for maintaining mental fitness. By reducing fatigue, exercise actually improves our ability to focus and concentrate, enhancing our cognitive function as a whole.

The Value of Endorphins

If your stress levels are zapping your energy or making you feel like you’re living in a fog, you’re probably feeling it all over the body. Endorphins are one of the happy by-products of exercise, and these natural painkillers help you feel good and sleep well. The simple fact is that when you’re well rested, stress doesn’t impact you in quite the same way. Study after study has noted the role of regular exercise in the reduction of tension levels, elevated mood, better sleep, and boosted self-esteem. If that’s sounding good, but you aren’t sure where to begin, the certified trainers at Framework Personal Training can help. There are countless benefits to working with a professional trainer, and at our private, by-appointment studio, you’ll start seeing – and feeling – results.

It’s a brand new year, and if managing stress or improving your health and fitness are on your mind, contact Framework Personal Training today.

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