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5 Reasons Strength Training Should Be Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution

We’re into December now, and the New Year – and its resolutions – isn’t far off. Whether or not you’re the type to make “new year, new you” commitments of any kind, a strength-training related resolution is always a good idea. There are so many benefits to this form of exercise, and they aren’t limited to looking better. Here are five reasons strength training should be everyone’s New Year’s resolution.

You’ll Increase Muscle Mass

If that sounds intimidating or off-putting, keep reading! Increase muscle mass isn’t just about having big muscles. As early as in thirties, our bodies can start losing muscle if we aren’t taking active steps to retain it. People leading a sedentary lifestyle can lose between three and five percent of their muscle mass every decade after turning thirty. This kind of muscle loss is known as sarcopenia, and it’s a big issue because it means reduced strength and mobility – something that will only get worse with age. It’s one of the main factors in frailty, leading to falls and fractures in seniors. The primary treatment for sarcopenia? You guessed it – resistance training.

You’ll Increase Bone Density & Strength

You’ve heard of osteoporosis – the bone-thinning disease that causes weak, brittle bones. A less severe form is known as osteopenia, when your bones are weaker than normal but not enough that they are prone to breakage. Either scenario is bad news, making you more susceptible to big injuries. The good news? Exercise is one of the best ways to combat the loss of bone density, which is more common for women and for those with a family history.

You’ll Improve Balance & Stability

Stronger muscles, and particularly a strong core, help improve stability, which means a reduced likelihood of falls. Most people who suffer from bad falls have poor balance and weak muscles – a terrible combination.

You’ll Lower Your Blood Pressure

Stimulating blood flow by consistently challenging your muscles encourages circulation. As those muscles become stronger, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard during muscle contraction, leading to reduced blood pressure and a lower resting heart rate.

You’ll Make Every Day Activities Easier

Getting up, bending over, walking, lifting, pushing, pulling – all of the movements that we make on a daily basis become easier when we’re stronger. And when you’re focusing on functional training, you’re also building muscle memory, which helps you properly execute all of those daily movements and reduces your chances of injury.

The Next Step

Don’t wait until January 1 to start building muscle. The trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno can create a personalized plan that will accommodate your current fitness level and your goals. Enjoy the benefits of training in a private studio setting and the experience and knowledge of our certified trainers. Contact us today.

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