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Looking for a Personal Trainer? Remember These Three Things.

Fitness is big business everywhere, and that’s no exception in Reno. There are gyms and chains and studios on every corner – so many that it can be hard to figure out where to begin. If you know that things like staying consistent, staying motivated, or just knowing enough to make progress without getting hurt are challenges for you, a personal trainer could be the best decision you make. So how do you find the right trainer for you? Remember these three things.

1. Training and Certifications Matter

A certified personal trainer is exactly that – certified – and no personal trainer should have a problem sharing specifics about their training and education. Field-related degrees such as those in as nutrition, exercise science, physical education or kinesiology are all great signs, and a nationally recognized certification (ACE, ACSM, NASM or COOPER) tell you that you’re dealing with a highly qualified trainer. You might also hear about special certifications in pain-related care, clinical or special population – all good things.

2. Living by Example

A trainer who leads a healthy and positive lifestyle is a living, breathing example of his or her own enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness. And the effects of good nutrition and consistent movement just can’t be faked. This can be even more important than a degree or certification, so be observant of how closely aligned a personal trainer’s actions and words are. It will tell you a lot.

3. A Full Client List

This can be tricky to parse, as some of the best, most enthusiastic trainers are new to the game and are just beginning to build their client list. Consider how busy your trainer is and whether they’re maintaining just a few clients or seeing them back to back. One isn’t always better than the other, but it’s also true that effective personal trainers are usually in high demand.

Here’s the bottom line – you need to find someone who’s qualified and enthusiastic, but your personalities must also align. The trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno are happy to schedule a consultation with you so that you can make a thoughtful decision.

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