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You Need a Postural Analysis. Here’s Why

Whether you’re already working out or you’re ready to start, there’s something you need to do. It’s an assessment that shows how well your joints and muscles are working together while revealing any imbalances. It’s called a postural analysis, and here’s why you need it.

What is a Postural Analysis?

At Framework Personal Trainer, our certified trainers can assess your posture and muscles to determine if you have any imbalances or compensations on one side or the other. Muscles can be short and tight or long and weak, or an old injury may have affected or altered your walk or posture. When the body uses its stronger side, it can lead to torsion in the muscles of the pelvis and the core’s stabilizing muscles.

Our trainers will also have you move through a few simple exercises to observe how your body functions during these movements. This is an opportunity for correction and a lesson in proper form.

The Importance of Proper Posture

Your body feels and performs at its peak when it’s in proper alignment. That’s because your body weight is distributed properly when you have correct posture. Training when something is out of alignment can cause injury.

When it comes to both posture and exercise form, the body remembers bad posture and bad form. You can develop motor engrams, a technical term for bad form, when you perform repetitions of an exercise with bad posture. When you train with a certified personal trainer, he or she can make corrections to any bad habits you’ve developed or start you off on the right foot if you’re new to fitness.

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