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Core Conditioning for Lumbar Disc Health – A Chiropractic Guest Post

Dr. Lynelle McSweeney is a chiropractor here in Reno, and today we’re fortunate to be featured on her blog. She asked us to share some information about core conditioning for lumbar disc health – head over and take a look!

Core conditioning is about more than aesthetics. And it’s about more than just abdominals. In fact, many back strengthening exercises focus on muscles in the stomach, buttocks and hips, in addition to the spinal column and its supporting muscles. These muscles combined make up the core, and because of the support they offer the spine, they’re crucial in back pain relief.

There are many effective core conditioning and back-strengthening exercises, but let’s look at two of the most common (often found in physical therapy).

McKenzie Exercises

Named after a New Zealand physical therapist, McKenzie exercises are a group of spine extension movements that can help reduce the pain associated with diminished disc space. Some are performed standing, and some are from a prone position. The focus is on core muscle contraction, often accompanied by arm motions for stability and additional spine extension.

When a radiculopathy (leg pain as a result of disc herniation) is involved, McKenzie back exercises can have a positive impact due to their tendency to centralize the pain which moves it from the leg into the back. Once a patient is dealing with back pain only, there are often non-surgical options that can continue to help.

Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization

This is an exercise technique in which the spine’s neutral position is sought, and then the patient is shown exercises to help maintain that position.

Other Options


Finding the right exercises for your needs shouldn’t be a guessing game. Here at Framework Personal Training, we begin with complete health histories so that we can address your issues fully. If lumbar pain is a problem for you, we may be able to help. Contact us today.

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