How to Decide Between Joining a Gym and Hiring a Personal Trainer

Let’s say improving your fitness is on your to-do list for 2019. Your plans probably involve working out in some capacity, so you may be debating your options. In that case, are you trying to decide between joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The short answer is that joining a gym and hiring a trainer are two different concepts with two very different outcomes. Here’s what to know about both options so you can decide which is right for you.

The Gym vs. The Trainer

Joining a gym or a fitness center here in Reno will probably get you access to different amenities, like a weight room, cardio equipment, maybe some group fitness classes, possibly a pool and sauna, and features like that. You may also have the option of hiring a trainer in a gym like this. On the downside, unless you have a good idea of how to build your own workout plan – one that will help you reach your fitness goals safely and efficiently – you may find it hard to see steady progress. Lack of accountability can also be a potential issue.

Choosing instead to work with a personal trainer in a private gym setting, like Framework Personal Training in Reno, means hiring something specifically to benefit from their expertise and qualifications. It means you want a personalized workout routine that’s been tailored to your needs and goals, and you want a trainer who will work one on one with you to help you reach those goals. The drawback? Going the trainer route could be a costlier investment than a gym membership, although that’s not necessarily always the case.


So how do you decide which option is better? That comes down to your reasons for deciding improved fitness is worth pursuing. But we will argue that working with a personal trainer has a lot of benefits:

  • Spending money for a personal trainer creates an accountability factor – you’re more likely to show up, especially when you begin developing a relationship with your trainer. The same is technically true for a monthly gym membership, but you aren’t standing anyone up if you don’t get to the gym. And along the same lines, scheduling that time for fitness helps prioritize your workouts. You’ll need consistency to see the kind of change you want.
  • No more guesswork. Wandering around the gym, trying this machine or that machine, isn’t the best way to progress. Working with a trainer means following specific instructions that are part of an overall plan designed to get you from point A to point B. When you train like this, you aren’t just spinning your wheels.
  • It keeps things fresh. A good trainer will challenge your body with a varied workout that continues to challenge you, and that can help keep you from getting bored.
  • It keeps you safe. Technique is essential, and a trainer will make sure you’re performing all of your exercises correctly.

For some, a personal trainer can appear cost-prohibitive. But it’s definitely worth pricing out. At Framework Personal Training in Reno, our personal trainers work with clients right here in our facility. That means a private environment to train, a workout plan customized to your needs and goals, and a professional trainer who can help you reach your goals.

If the fringe benefits of a gym membership appeal to you, and you have the experience to work out effectively while minimizing risk of injury, then joining a gym may be the better choice for you. After all, any exercise is better than no exercise. But if you’re really committed to changing your body and your health, schedule a free consultation to learn the many ways a personal trainer can help.

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