Four Red Flags that Mean You Need a New Personal Trainer

Making the decision to work with a personal trainer means investing time and money in a relationship that should pay off for you in spades. If that isn’t happening, despite commitment and consistency on your part, it may be time to re-evaluate your choice of trainer. Here are four red flags that mean you need a new personal trainer.

You Got Straight to Work

At the first meeting with your personal trainer, you should have been properly assessed and had the opportunity to discuss past injuries, your current fitness level, any health concerns, and other critical details. Here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, our certified trainers also perform a postural analysis on new clients in addition to a comprehensive assessment focusing on strength, flexibility and mobility. Having a clear understanding about you gives your trainer the best sense of where to begin. If your trainer skipped any part of this process, take it as a red flag. It means he or she made assumptions about your fitness level based purely on your appearance, and that’s a problem.

You Feel Like You’re Being Pushed Too Hard, Too Fast

Developing a relationship with your personal trainer can take some time, but it’s a mistake for a trainer to try to max you out on day one. One of the benefits of a really great personal trainer is feeling challenged – within reason. When you feel constantly pressured to push yourself beyond what’s comfortable, you’re not only at a greater risk of injury, you’re playing second fiddle to a trainer’s ego. Being pushed to build strength and endurance is a good thing, but feeling destroyed in the process is definitely not.

You Spend Too Much Time Chatting

Building a friendly rapport with your trainer is normal, but if you’re spending most of your session chatting, that’s a problem. You pay for a trainer’s time and attention, and the focus of each session should be on moving you through your exercises safely and effectively. If you’re not being encouraged to work hard because your trainer is too busy sharing details about last weekend, your session – and personal fitness goals – are no longer much of a priority.

You Don’t Get Any Positive Reinforcement

Too much chatting isn’t helpful, but zero communication is problematic too. Practicing proper technique is critical during your exercises, and if your trainer isn’t paying attention or offering encouragement to keep you working hard and focused on your goals, you may be little more than a paycheck. Don’t settle for that kind of lackadaisical attention. The right personal trainer will be spend every minute of your time together focused on you and your progress. That’s exactly what you’re paying for, and it’s what you should be getting.

Ready to Make the Switch?

The truth is, not all personal trainers are equal. If your experience with a personal trainer has been less than satisfactory, stop wasting time with someone who isn’t holding up his or her end of the deal. The certified trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno are ready and waiting to help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively. Contact us today for a free consultation, and discover the true benefits of working with a qualified trainer.


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