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What’s Better – Hiring a Personal Trainer or Joining a Gym?

If improving your physical fitness is on your to-do list, you may be considering joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer to show you the ropes. Both ideas have merit, but what’s a better fit for you? The truth is that hiring a personal training and joining a gym are two very different things. Here’s how to decide which one will serve you best.

Hiring a Trainer

When you hire a personal trainer, you’re paying them for their expertise and qualifications. The product is a customized workout plan that’s been created based on your needs and goals, and the service is one-on-one instruction and training. That workout plan is critical to your success, and it removes the guesswork from your training session. You’ll have specific exercises, specific movements, and an overall plan of progression to keep you improving.

There’s also the accountability and consistency factors. Paying a personal trainer for their time means you’re far more likely to show up to your training sessions, and that’s especially true as you begin developing a relationship with your trainer. While a monthly gym membership may offer some level of accountability, no one is going to call you if you miss the gym. Consistency is critical to success in the gym, and hiring a trainer means prioritizing your workouts. That’s when training starts to become a habit, and that’s when real change begins.

Finally, a personal trainer can help you stay motivated by changing things up. Instead of running the same predictable loop, following the same circuit of machines, or doing the same exercises, a trainer knows how to challenge you in ways that keep things interesting.

Joining a Gym

Joining a gym can be appealing, simply because of the access it grants to different amenities. Depending on your membership and gym, you may be able to use a weight room, attend group fitness classes, enjoy a pool or sauna, schedule massages, and more. Assuming you have the discipline to train regularly, and the experience to plan your own workouts, a gym may be a good choice.

The Takeaway

Any exercise is better than no exercise, and you may assume that a personal trainer is just too expensive. At Framework Personal Training here in Reno, we invite you to learn more. Our clients train here in our private, by-appointment facility, and all of our trainers have the expertise and experience to help you safely, efficiently meet your goals.

The truth is, there is no simple answer to the gym-or-trainer question. The right answer depends on your own goals, your own experiences, and your own background. So which option is better? It depends on your goals and your own experiences and background. Still, there are advantages to putting yourself in the hands of an expert. If you’re serious about improving your health, we invite you to schedule a free consultation to learn the many ways a personal trainer can help.

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