Are You Making these Fitness Mistakes?

If you’re making time for fitness a few times a week, watching your diet, getting enough sleep, and drinking your water, it can be frustrating when you don’t see the progress you’re hoping for. But it’s surprisingly easy to undermine yourself with bad habits that you don’t actually realize are so troublesome. It’s wonderful to see people right here in northern Nevada working so hard to getting fit, but many of them are going about it the wrong way. Are you making these fitness mistakes?

You Try to Spot Reduce

Between ads for tummy-flattening teas and fitness crazes that promise to get you the booty of your dreams, social media isn’t doing you any favors. With so much misinformation out there, it’s no surprise that lots of people think spot reducing works. The unfortunate truth is that you could spend all day working that core – and still never see the six pack of your dreams. If showing off muscle is your goal, you need a sensible diet paired with the right exercise program to burn fat. And that can be far more challenging than endless crunches. With a specific fitness goal like this one, a certified personal trainer can make all the difference.

You Avoid Weight Training

There’s a persistent myth that weight training will make women “bulky.” It’s an irrational fear – most women don’t have nearly enough testosterone for this to even be an issue. No matter your gender or even your age, strength training has so many benefits beyond a stronger, shapelier physique. Not sure where to begin? The right personal trainer can create a personalized program just for you and your specific goals.

You Have Bad Form

You may be exercising regularly, but if you’re doing it with bad technique, you’re going to have problems sooner or later. If you don’t know how to exercise properly, stop what you’re doing and find someone who does. A certified personal trainer can demonstrate the movements so that you’re doing them safely.

You Put Too Much Stock in Devices & Apps

It’s not a bad idea to track calories in and calories out, or to have an idea of your activity level. But assuming that your fitness wearable or any of the bazillion fitness apps out there are completely accurate is a mistake. Not only can they be off – by anywhere from 15 to 60 percent! – doesn’t staring at your watch all day kind of defeats the purpose?

Working out without seeing or feeling any benefits is frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re guilty of these common fitness mistakes, or you’re just ready to start seeing results, the certified trainers at Framework Personal Training can help. Contact us today.

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