3 Reasons to Stick to Your Fitness Schedule Through the Holidays

Between the extra shopping trips, rich foods, house guests, and schedule changes, the holiday season can make sticking to that fitness routine a challenge. But the truth is, maintaining your schedule and fitness momentum is a smarter move than abandoning your training temporarily with the goal of picking it up again in January. Here are three reasons to stick to your fitness schedule during the holidays.

It’ll Help You Manage Holiday Stress

This joyous time of year brings with it a little added stress. There’s the financial strain that comes with endless shopping, increased demands on our time, visitors in and out of the house, travel considerations, and all that cooking! These changes from the normal routine can trigger varying degrees of stress, even if you love this time of year. Taking time a few days out of the week to focus on yourself is good for the body and the mind. That’s because exercise reduces stress by releasing endorphins – those “feel good” hormones – and providing an outlet for pent-up feelings. It’s much better to purge stress and anxiety in the gym than in the pantry.

It Helps Combat Seasonal Depression

Darker, shorter days can have a very real affect on people’s moods. Exercise won’t help make the days lighter or longer, but it’s an effective way to manage systems of depression.

You Really Need the Structure

Stress, depression and seasonal weight gain all share a similar cause – a change to the structure in your daily routine. So keep a little stability and familiarity in your day with a workout. It’ll help you indulge wisely, stabilize your circadian rhythm, help you sleep better, and give you the structure you need to prioritize all of these holiday demands.

If you can’t manage this kind of routine effectively or consistently on your own, a personal trainer may be exactly what you need. Consider it a gift to yourself this holiday season. The certified trainers at Framework Personal Training will create a personalized fitness program that will work with your schedule and keep you sane over the holidays, all while moving you closer to your personal fitness goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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