The Benefit of Consistent Fitness Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a busy time, bringing some level of stress no matter how much we enjoy this time of year. Shopping, parties, house guests, erratic schedules – it all adds up, and sticking to a consistent fitness routine becomes that much harder. But as appealing as it may seem to take a break from your workouts until the New Year, there’s a big benefit to consistent fitness over the holiday season.

Structure & Sanity

Things like depression, stress, and holiday weight gain share a common cause – a change to your daily structure. Maintaining even just one element of your regular schedule, such as a workout, gives you a sense of stability and familiarity. And that’s important. If you can maintain your workouts in particular, only will you enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from mindful movement, you’ll also reap all the benefits of exercise – better sleep, more energy, a brighter mood, and the mindset you need to prioritize holiday demands. The endorphins that are released during exercise help reduce stress and anxiety, which are often an unfortunate byproduct of the holiday season. Exercise has also been shown to help manage depression, which can be a reality for many during the shorter, darker days of winter.

Need Help?

If you can’t see yourself effectively or consistently working out on your own over the holidays or at any time of the year, a personal trainer could be the key. The certified trainers at Framework Personal Training will create a personalized program that fits your schedule, holds you accountable, and moves you steadily and safely toward your fitness goals. Think of it as a gift to yourself this holiday season – and one that will pay dividends. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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